From my earliest memory , my Father drew my favorite tv cartoon characters on my bedroom wall when I was about 4 years old.


He died from a scuba diving Type II Decompression Sickness when I was 6 years old.

His passion was Scuba Diving and Keeping Tropical Fish !

My memory of his drawings inspired me to draw,

and create for myself whatever I wanted.

I can Create it!


I began sewing when I was only seven years old using my mum’s sewing machine with my older step sisters. I started by making dresses for my Barbie's and dolls.

 My passion for creating, drawing and making clothes continued over the years,

I very soon got in to trouble at home when I started to draw

 Bambi on my sisters bedroom wall!

My step sister Katya brought me my first Janome sewing machine at the age of 20

After I had completed a City and guilds in Dressmaking and Pattern making.  
I have never stop creating and making clothes and soft furnishings for my family and friends.

I love creating my own fashion and furnishings and have become obsessed with

recycling , re-designing and up-cycling  

  I have decided to share my passion for Art ,

craft and sewing once again and inspire others to learn these wonderful skills.

and slowly learning to Blog

while creating websites and Illustrations

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